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"All these years I've waited and planned my revenge and now you've still won. I should've stuck to basket weaving."

Professor Menace was one of Soul Power's biggest foes.


Professor Menace was a mad scientist who relied mostly on gimmicks—he used robots to do his dirty work, and wore spectacles that could shoot laser beams. But he was also adept at martial arts, and could hold his own in a fight with Soul Power.

In 1961, Soul Power stopped his greatest plan yet: start a weather control device in Seaside, Georgia, and hold the coast at ransom. It took Soul Power all he had, but he stopped the machine.

Dennis at an old age.

The battles between Soul Power and Menace came to an abrupt end in 1963. Cornered in his lab, Menace triggered a self-destruct sequence, and was seemingly killed in the blast. But he made his way to a cryogenic chamber. After awakening from sleep, he kept a low profile.

Decades later—Menace had by now retired into an old folks' home—he started up his plans of years earlier. He rebuilt his weather control machine in the High Hills east of Dakota. He also figured out what went wrong the last time: nothing could generate enough power to make it effective. So he used Soul Power and Static as batteries. But he could not restrain them, and they destroyed the machine.

Menace was still hiding in the basement of the retirement home, monitoring events from a distance. He was surprised to see Soul Power and Static had escaped, and sent his robots after them. He took on Soul Power himself with his laser goggles, but failed. Soul Power destroyed Menace's goggles, which also controlled a holographic image around his face. Now that the illusion of his young face was dropped, Soul Power recognized him as the grumpy Dennis from the retirement home.


Static Shock


  • His name "Dennis" plus his alias Professor "Menace" could be a play on "Dennis the Menace".