Professor Ivo was an employee of LexCorp, whose last act before his death was to create the nanotechnological android AMAZO.


Little is known about Ivo, but Lex Luthor said he was one of LexCorp's best scientists. After Luthor was arrested and sent to prison, Mercy Graves replaced him as CEO of LexCorp, and one of her decisions was to fire Ivo in order to cut costs.

When Luthor escaped prison, he demanded to know where Ivo was, believing him the only scientist who could find a cure for Luthor's Kryptonite poisoning. Mercy directed him to Ivo's estate, where Luthor found that Ivo had just died. The cause of his death was never directly stated, but Luthor remarked, "Looks like the cigarettes finally got you."

However, he had left behind the android AMAZO, who looked to Ivo as his "father," and fastened on Luthor to fill the vacancy.[1]

Luthor was sufficiently impressed by Ivo's work to try to duplicate the android as a body for himself, to make himself both immortal and superpowerful. Luthor passed a posthumous thanks to Ivo, reflecting that his work had borne fruit when all of Luthor's investment into Project Cadmus had failed to.[2]

Background Information

Though he makes only a brief, posthumous appearance in the DCAU, in the comics Professor Anthony (not Arthur) Ivo is one of the Justice League's most persistent enemies.

He first appeared in The Brave and the Bold, Volume 1-30."

A mad scientist obsessed with becoming immortal, at one point Ivo imbibes a magic potion that backfires and leaves him horribly scarred. He creates Amazo to combat the Justice League, and has fought the League on several other occasions.

He was originally meant to appear alive in "Tabula Rasa," but the producers couldn't obtain the rights to the character.

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