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"Precious Birthstones" is the seventh episode of Gotham Girls and the seventh episode of Season One.


Precious Birthstones Jewel of the Empress

The Jewel of the Empress ad in the news.

Selina Kyle, at home with Isis on her birthday, sees a report on the million-dollar Jewel of the Empress at a charity event of the Baroness La Borgais. Suiting up as Catwoman, she breaks into the building, brushing aside a discarded stuffed mouse, and steals an unrelated diamond necklace. Nearby, she finds a young girl out of bed. As she tries to get her back to bed (mainly to keep anyone from hearing her), she hears her saying something about bijou, which she remembers enough French to translate as "jewel".

Precious Birthstones Little girl

Catwoman talk the little girl.

The girl leads her to a safe. Catwoman, excited, manages to catch "Jewel of the Empress and others" from her speech. She opens the safe without problems... and finds Bijou, a cat and her two kittens, trapped inside. Catwoman accepts one of the kittens, resigned to what she has gotten, and wishes the girl a happy birthday.

Interactive Segment[]

During a scene where Catwoman must distract a guard, the viewer can choose between a ball, a flashlight, and a noisemaker. All options trigger the next scene.

Background information[]


  • The girl's lines in French are:
French English
Je veux trouver mon bijou. I want to find my jewel.
Bijou est là, et les autres. Jewel is there, and the others.
Merci madame, joyeux anniversaire. Thank you, lady, happy birthday.


Actor Role
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman
Tara Strong Little girl
Dee Bradley Baker Isis
Tom Kenny TV Announcer


Selina Kyle: Alone at home on my birthday... what would complete this depressing scenario better than watching TV?

Selina Kyle: Can you imagine, Isis? Buying diamonds?

Catwoman: Happy birthday, sweetheart... a very, very happy birthday.