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Poison Ivy was a former villain of the Justice Lords universe.


Poison Ivy's history was presumably the same as that of her counterpart from the League's universe, up until the point where the Justice Lords had a fascist-like hold over the world.

After Superman lobotomized her, Poison Ivy now had no signs of her former ambitions, with no care for what happened to the world or its plants. The Ivy that would attempt to kill someone merely for destroying a single plant was now gone. As a result, she was placed in Arkham Asylum, as its gardener. She had a brief conversation with the Flash of the Justice League when they came to Arkham to rescue Hawkgirl where she revealed that because of her lobotomy, nothing seemed to bother her any more, although she was still wary of Superman's more lethal tendencies. After that, Flash left to assist the League (who were combating Superman robots in the Asylum) whilst Ivy went back to her routine of clipping roses from the bushes.


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