DC Animated Universe

Plug was one of many fans who followed the adventures of Ro and Zeta.


Plug was a big fan of Zeta, and had even made his own robot suit. It wasn't very high-tech, however, and he was eager to join his friend Meg's plan to kidnap the actual Zeta.

When Ro and Zeta were chased by the NSA, the three friends intercepted them and Plug immobilized the hover van. They took them with them to their homes, and while Buss kept Ro busy, Plug was anxious to learn more about his big idol, Zeta. Meg downloaded his information and Plug checked out all the hardware Zeta had on him. All his life he had wanted to be a robot, and he played with all of Zeta's parts to see how they would look on him.

Plug and Meg were distracted by the arrival of the NSA, an opportunity Zeta took to escape. Plug was disappointed to see his idol leave.


The Zeta Project