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"I've set this for thirty seconds. Plenty of time for you to disarm... or not, as the case may be."

Bette Sans-Souci, also known as Plastique, is an explosives expert and eventual member of Task Force X.


Plastique was blackmailed by Colonel Rick Flagg into joining the expendable team called Task Force X, under the directive of Project Cadmus. During their infiltration mission aboard the Watchtower Plastique's role was to create a distraction to draw the attention of the Justice League's staff. During their escape, Plastique held Atom-Smasher hostage to provide the team with an escape. However, Captain Atom apprehended her, causing Deadshot to coldly shoot and detonate her explosive, allowing the rest of Task Force X to escape in the commotion, leaving Plastique motionless and catatonic. Given her death rattle, it is likely she died shortly after.


Plastique was an explosives expert. She's capable of arming, manipulating, and detonating any kind of explosive.

Background information[]

In the comics, despite being a villain, Plastique had a romance with, and eventually married, Captain Atom, though they have long since separated.

"Sans-Souci" is French for "no concern" or "carefree".


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