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"We don't need two stretchy guys."
John Stewart[1]

Plastic Man was a member of the expanded Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion.


Plastic Man helped the Justice League fight Mordru when he tore up Metropolis. During the battle, Green Lantern told Elongated Man that Plastic Man was already on the scene, and the League did not need two "stretchy guys" at the time. This left Elongated Man crestfallen, as he was relegated to crowd control for much of the mission.

Powers and abilities[]

Plastic Man's powers were similar to Elongated Man's, only he could not turn himself into a vase and other complex objects.

Background information[]

  • In DC Comics, Plastic Man is Patrick "Eel" O'Brian. Originally an asset of Quality Comics, he was acquired by DC when that company went out of business. He stayed unused in the comics until the 80's, by which time the character of Elongated Man was created.
  • In the DCAU tie-in comic The Batman Adventures, Eel O'Brian is a supporting character in the False Face Society-story arc, where he is a foot soldier of Black Mask and the (somewhat comedic) partner of "Matches Malone". O'Brian tends to decry those who have gotten on his bad side as "putrid punks," which was a phrase Eel was known to use from his early comic book adventures, during his time as a gangster before the chemical accident and change of heart that made him the superhero Plastic Man.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, Plastic Man was never actually shown on-screen, and was only mentioned in the episode "The Greatest Story Never Told". According to Dan Riba, this was due to a possible Plastic Man animated series helmed by John Suriano and Tom Kenny (who also voiced Plastic Man) having been in the concept stage at the time for Cartoon Network. The series was never greenlit, however a one minute short titled "Puddle Trouble" can be viewed on the DVD release of the 1979 Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show. Despite never appearing in the series, a JLU action figure of Plastic Man was released by Mattel.[2]


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