Part three of five, Pit Stop, also clocks in at just under three minutes. In this segment, Lobo is lured to the Interstellar Managers Planet, still in hot pursuit of Sunny Jim, who has taken Darlene captive. This desolate planet only seems to have strange, humanoid creatures who are both ravenous and well dressed.


Lobo is bemoaning his fate as he rides his SpazFrag 666 along the desolate surface of the Interstellar Managers Planet in search of Sunny Jim, who he will rend when he finds him. Lobo stops at an abandoned space ship with a deceased being inside, but that doesn't maintain his attention for very long and he continues his hunt.


Sunny Jim and Darlene are greeted by the MBA.

Darlene is berating her captor, Jim, for not having the foresight to make sure there was enough gas in his vehicle. She tells him Lobo wouldn't be so stupid. Just then, two men come up, dressed identically in black, and greet the pair. Unfortunately, Darlene and Jim cannot understand a word they're saying, and the two men wander off.

"Feetal's Gizz!" Lobo shouts in frustration over being stuck in a cosmic wasteland. Immediately afterwards, though, a man – just like the ones who approached Darlene and Jim – comes up to Lobo and starts talking to him. Again, there is a lack of communication. Lobo's interest is peaked, however, at the sound of the name 'Sunny Jim'. Instead of rationalizing with the man, Lobo spits a wad of phlegm on the man's shoe. Naturally, the guy is irate and charges Lobo, who punches straight through him.


Lobo deals with an MBA man in his own way.

All of a sudden, Lobo is surrounded by four more men, all dressed in the same black suits; now Lobo is happy. He opens a compartment in his SpazFrag to reveal a gun. He has the time of his life as he begins shooting the men, who are increasing in number.

The firing of his gun can be heard off in the distance by Darlene, who breaks her bonds, backhand-slaps Sunny Jim (thereby dropping him to the ground), and runs for help toward the direction of the shots, shouting, "come save me!" Sunny Jim laughs to himself, as if Lobo would save her for a midnight snack.

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Production notes

  • This Flash file also contains a very archaic game in which you launch rockets along a grid pattern at passing Sunny Jim 'smiley' faces.
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