DC Animated Universe

Penny Dee was John Dee's estranged wife.


Penny was the wife of LexCorp employee John Dee, whose activity in smuggling landed him in prison. Fed up with him, she eventually found another man and left John. This did not sit well with him, who was close to making a big break at the time.

Penny and her new boyfriend, Rick, settled in a cabin outside of town. At night, however, John—who had broken out of prison—looked her up. He visited her in her dream, appearing so terrifying that she screamed out. Rick tried to calm her, but she did not reply. Being incapable of telling what's real & what's not, she was rushed to the hospital, where the only thing doctors could do was sedate her.

Despite the best efforts of the doctors and J'onn J'onzz, she never woke up from her delusion and died.


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