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"Payback Time" is the fifth and final installment of the first story arc in this series. Lobo finally catches up with Sunny Jim and gets his revenge.


Lobo plays golf

Lobo plays golf with his own decapitated head.

Lobo's decapitated head begins to say how pissed off he is, but the light in his eyes slowly fades away, as do his words. So, he reaches inside the gaping hole where his neck used to be and pulls out a new head, and then continues his sentence. He blasts Sunny Jim's weapon into bits with his own, then picks up his dismembered limb and uses it like a golf club, swinging at his previous head still lying on the ground. With great skill and precision, Lobo manages to ricochet the head off Jim's ship and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him flat on his face. When he climbs to his feet, he finds the dreaded chain and hook around his neck and without getting a moment's thought, Lobo yanks his victim over towards himself. Sunny Jim is hoping on the benevolence of Lobo, which proves to be bittersweet: Lobo tells him he won't kill him, but does end up maiming him by beating Jim with his own severed arm.

At Big Ahmet's, Lobo turns in Sunny Jim, who is now the size of a compact disc and can be easily carried in a jewel case for the reward. The cashier then turns around and puts Jim into a CD player and out of the speakers comes an odd mixture of music and the sounds of Sunny being beaten by the Main Man. Lobo then takes the cash and key, turns to Darlene and cackles with glee.

Lobo snared

Lobo in the clutches of an amorous space creature.

A little while later in a hotel room (also in Big Ahmet's), Darlene is plying an already intoxicated Lobo with even more alcohol, causing him to let out a belch that shakes the very cosmos around him. He declares that he wants to propose a toast, but passes out before he can even begin. Darlene uses the opportunity to slip away. Her scuffling awakens him and at that moment a hand from the adjacent room beckons him to come. Lobo makes his way over to the curtain between the rooms and two hands reach forth, fondling his chest and touching his face, which Lobo likes. All of a sudden, two more arms reach out and pull him into the room. It's not Darlene at all, it's a disgusting, slimy space creature who obviously has amorous feelings for the Main Man. At this time, Darlene has left Lobo to fend for himself as she rides off into space on Lobo's SpazFrag 666.

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Production notes[]

  • This Flash file also contains a 'game' in which you see Tubo's face with pieces of hair all over and a magnet that when clicked, attracts the hair.