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"You don't know anything about kids! I know how kids think!"[1]

Payback was a brutal vigilante set out to avenge neglected children. He wielded a laser whip to punish his targets. Payback was in fact a neglected child himself, Kenny Stanton.


Kenny's father, Dr. Stanton, was a therapist who ran the Gotham Youth Counseling Center, where he spent a great amount of time helping troubled kids. However, in doing so, he ended up neglecting his own son. Tired of being dumped to the care of Howard Lewis, the center's librarian and sculptor, Kenny turned his rage on those who had been bullying or abusing teenagers. He also deduced that if he solved the problems of his father's patients for, he'd finally have more time for him. Kenny put on a 6 feet tall exoskeleton and stole Lewis's hilt to use as a laser whip. Dubbing himself Payback, he cast himself in the role of a vigilante on par with Batman, or so he liked to think.[1]

Kenny had access to his father's Vidlinks sessions, which he used to select his victims. He targeted employers, teachers, parents and anyone whom the patients complained about during counseling. In the middle of his attacks, Payback was interrupted by Batman, who didn't appreciate being compared to the rampant vigilante. Payback took him on and then escaped.[1]

Kenny cries

Kenny breaks out in tears.

Payback's attacks were pretty brutal, even killing didn't seem to bother him. He nearly killed a shop manager and plunged a moving car off a cliff. On both instances, he would have murdered his victims if Batman hadn't intervened on time.[1]

After listening to Terry McGinnis' rant about Bruce Wayne, Payback chose the latter as his next target. Little did he know he was walking into a trap laid down by Terry in an attempt to draw him out. Payback attacked Bruce in the inauguration of the Vreeland Marquis Hotel. He cut the brakes of an elevator and Bruce would have fallen from several stories if Batman hadn't promptly stepped in. Then Payback severed a stone pillar and hurled a massive boulder at Batman. In doing so, however, the floor he was standing on caved in and Payback plunged to the ground. Batman caught him in midair at which point his mask fell off, revealing his true identity. Ashamed, Kenny broke into tears and then was taken into GPD custody.[1]


Through the use of a 6 ft tall exoskeleton of his own design which he covered in a full body costume and a mask equipped with a voice changer, Kenny was able to masquerade as an adult male. His signature weapon was a high energy laser cutter based on the one used by his friend and babysitter Howard Lewis that Kenny modified to extend the blade into an energy whip. Even without Kenny's modifications, the laser cutter was a potent weapon capable of slicing through both metal and stone with ease.

Background information[]

Payback was created by Glen Murakami.[2]


Batman Beyond


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