Parasite was a member of the Iniquity Collective.


Over three decades after his predecessor's death, Parasite appeared as a member of the Iniquity Collective. During the group's fight against the JLU, Parasite called the heist off after the loot, an orb, was damaged and subsequently destroyed by Kai-Ro then was beaten down by Warhawk.

Background information

The Batman Beyond era Parasite makes only one appearance in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilogue". At this time in the production, Rudy Jones was still alive but was killed in a later produced episode that takes place four decades prior. Whether the two were meant to be the same at the former's inception is unknown, but Dwayne McDuffie revealed on his forum that the character was referred to as "Parasite Beyond" in his script, implying this was a successor to the identity.[1]

This version of Parasite also resembles Ed McGuinness's rendition of the character, which combined elements of the Post-Crisis Parasite, with design elements from the animated version.[1]

This version of Parasite is also the Iniquity Collective's only member not to come from Batman's established rogues gallery.


Justice League Unlimited


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