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Parasite, real name Rudy Jones, was transformed into an energy draining creature and would later lead a life of crime.


Transforming into the Parasite

STAR Labs janitor Rudy Jones was stealing a few experimental chemicals with a crook named Martin Lebeau in order to earn money from STAR's rivals. Jones was surprised by Superman and they escaped out. While they escaped, Jones accidentally infected himself with the chemicals and begged Lebeau to stop the car, but was dropped down the road. After touching a rat, Jones drained its energy and discovered about his new power, so he became the Parasite.

His Payback

With new powers and appearance, Parasite went to Hobb's Bay, where he encountered Martin Lebeau and almost killed him, until Superman arrived. They battled and Parasite drained Superman's powers, weakening him. He used the powers to commit a series of crimes, but he weakened, learning that his energy reserve was temporal and fled. Attacking Clark Kent, Parasite held him captive in STAR Labs boiler room, where he told Superman he would come back to drain his powers each 12 hours. Jimmy olsen came to rescue Superman and they escaped. Parasite went after him and found him at a lab. When he was about to drain Superman's powers, he ended touching a piece of Kryptonite, causing him to suffer an overdose. He was held under custody in STAR until they designed his special cell in Stryker's Prison. After touching a roach, he recuperated his powers and was seen smiling evily.

Working with Superman

A few months later, while Parasite spent his time in jail, Dr. Earl Garver threatened to destroy Metropolis with a bomb if they didn't pay him. Reluctantly, Superman turned to Parasite for help, but with a condition: if he helped Superman, he would have a TV screen with every available channels. Parasite agreed and proceeded to extract information from Garver's mind, but he ended draining Garver's conscience. Inside Parasite's mind, Jones and Garver talked about Superman and teamed-up to destroy him.

In Parasite's body, Garver lured Superman into an abandonated train station, where he found Garver's bomb and deactivated it, but Garver attacked him. They battled and Superman told him that the bomb would destroy the city, but Garver's body was at the hospital. Jones and Garver battled inside Parasite's mind and Jones won. After the bomb was destroyed, Garver was delivered to the police, as same as the Parasite, who was enjoining his new TV screen.

Alliances with Criminals

Some time later, the electrokinetical criminal Livewire helped Parasite break out of prison. Parasite escaped in a boat and when Superman came, Parasite battled him beneath the ocean. Later, Parasite and Livewire committed a series of crimes together, but Parasite got tired and betrayed Livewire by draining her powers. Parasite used them to defeat Superman, but he was defeated when was exposed to water. He and Livewire were later delivered to the authorities.

Secret Society

Years later, the Parasite was recruited by Grodd to be a member of the Secret Society, a criminal group with the goal to destroy the Justice League. He assisted the team to free Clayface from Morgan Edge's clutches. In the first battle, Parasite drained Superman's powers. In the second battle, he drained Wonder Woman's powers. In the third battle, he drained Flash's powers, but was knocked. After the Secret Society was defeated, Parasite was delivered to the police.

Other Activities

Recently, the Parasite was seen battling Elongated Man and Metamorpho, draining their powers. Parasite was confronted by Batman, who directed a Batarang to him, but it didnt work. He was later defeated by Captain Marvel, befofe Superman arrived. He was later delivered to the authorities.

He later joined Grodd's Legion of Doom. However, when Lex Luthor overthrew Grodd from leadership, Parasite was disagreed. During the Legion's mutiny, Parasite sided Grodd's faction against Luthor's. Afterwards, Parasite and the other villains were frozen by Killer Frost and blown up by Darkseid. his final fate is currently unknown.

65 years in the future, there is a Parasite who is a member of the Iniquity Collective.


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