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"Did you really think you could get away with betraying the entire Thanagarian empire?"[1]

Paran Dul was a female Thanagarian lieutenant who served under General Hro Talak during the later years of the Thanagarian-Gordanian War.


During the Thanagarian invasion, Paran Dul was in charge of overseeing the construction of the hyperspace bypass on Earth.[2][3] After the bypass was destroyed,[4] she was ordered back to Thanagar, along with the rest of the fleet. However, the Gordanians had already taken over the planet. Her commanding officer, Hro Talak engaged dozens of Gordanian battleships, but with little results. Before the imminent defeat, Paran Dul and a few Thanagarian warriors evacuated in a scout ship by order of Hro Talak, who sacrificed himself to destroy the Gordanian flagship. Paran Dul decided to take revenge against Shayera, whom she blamed for the Thanagarian leader's demise.

Paran Dul vs

Paran Dul takes a beating from Vixen.

Despite her teammates objections, who wanted to join the Thanagarian resistance instead, Paran Dul set up a scenario to draw Shayera. She sent a distress call to the Justice League, posing as the leader of an alien team stranded on a rock made of unrefined Nth metal. When the Leaguers arrived at the spot, Paran Dul and her team ambushed Shayera, Vixen and Vigilante. Paran Dul told Shayera all about Thanagar's downfall and Hro Talak's death, and that they only wanted her. However, Vixen and Vigilante wouldn't allow Shayera to be captured or to hand herself over. Paran Dul took Vixen hostage, so that Shayera would surrender. When that happened, Kragger dropped Vixen in midair, but she was saved by Vigilante, who had taken over Paran Dul's ship. Furious, Paran Dul got inside the flying ship and sparred with Vixen, who eventually knocked her out of the ship. As Paran Dul's ship was used to take the Leaguers back to the Watchtower, she was left stranded on the planet.[1]

Background information[]

  • There is no character named Paran Dul in the comics, but there was an Andar Pul.


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