A Parademon invading Earth.

Parademons are the monstrous, demon-like shock troopers of Apokolips.


Commanded by Darkseid's uncle, General Steppenwolf, Parademons spearheaded both of Apokolips's invasions of Earth.

After Darkseid's death and the descent of Apokolips into civil war, Parademons fought on the side of both factions, Virman Vundabar's and Granny Goodness's. When their leader was resurrected, they followed him to Earth, and battled the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

Powers and abilities

Parademons were capable of unaided flight and have been trained to use a variety of melee and projectile weapons. Their standard weapon is a spear also equipped with an energy blaster. Bare-handed, they possess superhuman strength and often attack with their claws and teeth.

They are somewhat resistant to injury, though this may be more of a function of their armor than natural toughness.

Background information

Created by the twisted science of Desaad and brainwashed by Granny Goodness, Parademons are unquestionably loyal to Darkseid, whom they consider to be their great and terrible god.

The animated Parademons seem to differ in strength according to the dramatic needs of a story. At times Parademons can press even the likes of Superman in combat. Other times, Batman and Lex Luthor can capably deal with multiple Parademons. At one time, even Question and Dan Turpin deck one with a punch to the jaw.


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