"Edwin Alva Junior, my legacy. I'd be better off with a statue."
Edwin Alva

Edwin Alva, Jr. became Omnifarious to get back at his browbeating father.


Edwin Junior was looked down upon by his father for all his life. After he accidentally let slip a dismissive comment about his father's involvement in the Big Bang on air, his father became even more irate at him. The feeling was mutual, and the younger Alva decided to take revenge on his father, hoping to be acknowledged by him.

He broke into his father's compound and stole a large amount of Quantum Vapor. He made a belt with several bubbles of it, that he could burst at will—temporarily giving him superpowers. He took out several transports and factories of Alva Industries. Static showed up, but could do little to stop him. With X-ray vision, he found out Static's identity.

After Static informed Alva Senior, the industrialist caught his son red handed refueling his belt. After a short fight with Static, Omnifarious overdosed and became trapped in a petrified state. Alva blamed Static for it.

Alva carried his son off, desperate to bring him back to normal. Initial research led only to temporal success, but eventually, by kidnapping other bang babies, a full cure could be found. Reunited and reconciled with his son, Alva called off his revenge on Static, and vowed to become a better father.

Background information

In Milestone Media, Alva's children did not appear until after a reformed Edwin Sr. died a heroic death. Sabrina, the eldest, was not content with her father's will—everything went to Curt Metcalf—but Edwin Jr. was. He became an ally of Hardware. Like many characters in Static Shock, there are no similarities beyond the name.

Though Edwin Alva, Jr.'s name is spelled "Omnefarious" in the credits, the actual word for "many forms" is Omnifarious.

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