Doctor Nora Crest was Harvey Dent's psychiatrist.


Doctor Crest had been Harvey Dent's psychiatrist for years and was well aware of the fact Harvey suppressed his rage until it became a separate personality. She tried to get Dent to control "Big Bad Harv", the violent side of Gotham's D.A. She used some unconventional techniques, including hypnosis, to do so. Unlike Dent, Big Bad Harv did not like Nora, and threw furniture at her, which missed and broke one of her windows. He would have successfully assailed Dr. Crest had she not broken the hypnosis. Regaining his normal personality, Dent was appalled that he vandalized her office. She said it was his "other personality" that was guilty, and recommended more treatments.

After Dent's transformation into Two-Face, she still tried to get him better. With Bruce Wayne's financial support, she planned an operation that would heal his physical scars, and hopefully his mental scars as well. Unfortunately, thugs barged in and abducted Two-Face before the operation could start.


Batman: The Animated Series

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