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"Know anyone who might have a grudge against him?"
"The line starts with me and goes around the block. Twice.
Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis[1]

Nelson Nash was a student at Hamilton Hill High School.


Nelson was both popular and disliked, being a star in the hockey team and a notorious bully. He briefly dated Chelsea and Blade, who both came to dislike his obnoxious nature.

Nelson constantly bullied the less popular kids of the school such as Terry, especially ones who he knew wouldn't fight back, like Willie Watt. Terry's rivalry with Nelson initially grew during a wrestling match between the two, where Nelson spat on Terry, who retaliated with an illegal punch which got Terry disqualified from the match, though Nelson began to develop a begrudging respect for Terry after witnessing him fight against the Jokerz who had attacked him moments earlier.[2] For his part, Willie grew to hate Nelson so much that he retaliated by taking control of the Golem and using it to wreck his beloved car and later attempt to murder him. Nelson was saved by Batman, who he admired but ironically did not know was actually Terry.[1] Nelson would later be targeted again by Willie after the latter developed telekinetic powers, but was again saved after Batman defeated Willie and sent him back to prison.[3]

Over the years, however, Nelson matured somewhat and soon became friendlier towards Terry, Dana Tan, Maxine Gibson and Howard Groote, although he occasionally teased them as a joke. One notable moment was when Nelson mockingly asking Terry if he needed to get "his friend Batman" to help him out with something, resulting from Maxine previously joking that the school saw more of Batman than Terry.[4] He occasionally showed a softer side, as during the Eggbaby project taken for the school's Family Studies class. Nelson seemed to enjoy caring for the computerized babies; he made arrangement with Max, his partner in the assignment, that she would do his homework for the week while he cared for the eggbaby, which he seemed quite happy to do.

Background information[]

Nelson bears many similarities to Marvel Comics' Flash Thompson. Like Nelson, Flash is a high school star athlete and a rival of Peter Parker who he constantly bullies but ironically admires Spider-Man, who he does not know is actually Peter, and in later comics, Flash matures and befriends Peter, much like how Nelson over time changed his attitude and became friendlier to Terry.


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