DC Animated Universe

Nardoc was the leader of the Northern faction of Kaznia at war with the Southerners.


Nardoc's faction were desperately trying to keep their land from the hands of the Southerners, who appeared to be much more well equipped. Seemingly by luck, a weapons salesman under the name of Mr. Sera came by his territory and offered him the use of an extremely powerful battle-suit, to help turn the tide of the conflict in his favor. Although skeptical, as Nardoc had little money to give, Sera gave him the suit freely with the notion that he would accept payment later.

Nardoc then used the suit to defeat the opposing Southern forces, who retreated further back. He then seemingly stopped the conflict by not ordering his troops to advance past the Southern camp; a fact that Sera was strangely furious about. After trying to explain that all his people wanted was to keep their land safe from the Southerners and had no interest in a greater war, Sera blasted him with more verbal insults, after which, Nardoc ordered him to leave. Rather than complying, Sera revealed his true form; that of the Greek God, Ares. He then killed Nardoc (offscreen) and took his place as leader of the Northerners by disguising himself as Nardoc.


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