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Nanda Parbat

Nanda Parbat at night.

"No one dies in Nanda Parbat."
The Master

Nanda Parbat was a temple located in the Himalayas.


Secluded in the mountains, Nanda Parbat had become known for the martial arts skills of its monks, and for being the one place where the goddess Rama Kushna would show herself. Inside the monastery, the monks guarded the fabled Heart of Nanda Parbat. Batman trained with the the Master, the head monk, and Deadman considered it his home. Taj Ze was one of the guards.

Grodd had plans with the Heart of Nanda Parbat, so he sent Luthor, Tala, Devil Ray, Bizarro, Atomic Skull and a number of soldiers to retrieve it. They managed to fight off most of the monks, and Devil Ray seemingly killed the Master. As the Heart was removed from its location, the souls were sucked out of the monks.

Deadman, believing all the monks were dead, took on on a mission of vengeance, which ultimately cost Devil Ray his life. Rama Kushna punished Deadman for his deeds, as the scales of Karma had become unbalanced. Upon shattering the Heart, all the souls were returned to the monks, which would have been sufficient retribution. But because Deadman took a life, he was not allowed to pass on to the netherworld at the moment and was stayed in the world of the living further.

Background information[]

Nanda Parbat first appeared in Strange Adventures #205. Though it first appeared only in Deadman stories, it has since played important roles in the history of the Crimson Avenger and the Question. Vic Sage, the first Question, died there, and Renee Montoya took up the mantle of her teacher, becoming the new Question.


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