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"I knew him well. Nabuo Taka. He developed a theory called "vibra-space". He thought that atoms and molecules could be made to vibrate in such a way that they could pass right through each other."
Bruce Wayne

Nabuo Taka was once the head of the research department on Wayne-Powers.


Taka developed a theory called vibra-space, which dictated that if atoms and molecules were made to vibrate in such a way, objects could pass though each other. He devised a belt that vibrated one's body molecules, turning his user incorporeal.

At one point Taka conceded to give an interview to Ian Peek about his research. However, he couldn't anticipate that the sleazy journalist would steal his work for his own dirty dealings. Afterwards, Peek set the place on fire to cover his tracks. Unfortunately, Taka perished in the fire.


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