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The NSA or National Security Agency was a U.S. Government Agency.


The NSA's task was to gather intelligence on terrorist groups like Kobra and Brother's Day. If necessary, armed agents would track, apprehend and potentially kill enemies of the state.[1]

By 2041, one of their tactics involve Infiltration Units, synthoids that replace people to gather information or exterminate dangerous people; the use of Infiltration Units was not known by the public[2] and androids passing as humans were in fact illegal. [3] Infiltration units were programmed to kill witnesses and the NSA wanted to make sure nobody learned "we send infiltration units home to their wives and kids".[4]

The NSA had increasingly advanced synthoids made, including Project Zeta and synthoids that could regenerate false flesh disguises.[5] When the synthoid Zeta was believed to have turned renegade, the NSA attempted to capture and reprogram him.

Colonel Lemak was in charge of the NSA in the 2040s.

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Infiltration Units

Zeta Project staff


  • NSA Headquarters, shown in "Wired" (presumably in Maryland as in the real world)
  • Sub Rosa, a secret debriefing station for infiltration units

Gnosis, a floating research lab, is associated with the NSA's synthoid projects.

Background information

  • The real world NSA are a signals intelligence agency and do not take on armed terrorists themselves.



Justice League Unlimited

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The Zeta Project

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