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"My Girl" is the 11th episode of the first season of Superman: The Animated Series, and the 11th of the overall series. It depicts the return of Lana Lang, Clark Kent's High School Sweetheart. When Lana dates Lex Luthor and re-unites with Clark, she takes it upon herself to spy on Lex and tip off Superman to Lex's plans in spite of Superman's warnings.


Lana and Lex date

Lana Lang with Lex Luthor.

A fashion show is being held in Metropolis and Clark and Lois are assigned to write up on it. As they watch the show, Lex Luthor shows up along with his newest date: Lana Lang. Clark is quite interested in the fact as he used to date Lana back in high school. While Lana leaves to work on her fashion show, Luthor meets up with an employee, Mr. Eelan, who speaks of some mysterious customers.

Lana finishes dressing up one of her girls and is soon confronted by two women who kidnap her to get her expensive dress. Clark walks in the room just after Lana's been taken. The kidnappers throw Lana into an elevator and are soon confronted by Superman. They toss Lana out of the elevator to distract Superman and attempt to escape. However, Superman manages to both save Lana and capture the criminals. After her rescue, Lana lets on that she knows that Superman is really Clark Kent. Luthor shows up after Superman leaves and expresses his happiness that showed up.

Superman Lana catch up

Superman and Lana catch up.

Later at Lana's apartment, Superman talks to Lana and asks how she was able to figure out his identity. Lana confesses that it was obvious as she saw him do those amazing skills back when they were in high school and noticed that both Superman and Clark Kent had arrived in Metropolis around the same time and easily made the connection. Superman then changes the subject and warns her about Luthor. He mentions that the man Luthor spoke to was an arms dealer and that he may be selling weapons for Luthor. Lana is unconcerned and assures him that she can handle Luthor. Superman then starts to leave, but again warns Lana to be careful. As he flies away from Lana's apartment, he is seen by Mercy Graves.

Superman saves train

Superman saves a train from falling.

Mercy reports what she saw to Luthor, but Lana manages to dissuade him from punishing her. Luthor speaks to his arms dealer, but Lana listens in on him. Mercy observes this and offers to kill Lana, but Luthor refuses. Outside, Lana calls up Clark and tells him about the arms deal.

Outside Metropolis, the arms dealer shows his customers a weapon that shoots a microwave beam and causes objects to overload their electrons and explode. Superman shows up and confronts them but only manages to capture the criminals. The arms dealer destroys a rail bridge and escapes while Superman saves the train.

Lana Kisses Superman

Lana kisses a surprised Superman.

Later that night in Metropolis park, Superman and Lana talk where Lana continues to insist that she becomes Superman's sidekick, but he continues to refuse her. Lana then confesses that she still has feelings for him and asks to let her prove that they can be a great team. However, before Superman can further protest, Lana kisses him, and they both share a moment. However, unbeknownst to either of them, Luthor is watching from afar and angrily leaves.

The next day, Lana has lunch with Luthor and overhears him talking to Eelan over the phone about another arms deal in Central City. Lana calls it in to Superman and still refuses to listen to his warnings. There's a knock at Lana's door and she enters into a limo only to find Eelan is driving.

Lana wakes up in a lead factory and is told that the because of the lead fumes the place is automated and Superman can't see them. She is placed in a mold for lead bars and is nearly covered in molten lead. However, Superman shows up anyway, revealing that he suspected Central City to be a ploy. Eelan attempts to stop Superman with his weapon and causes molten lead to fill the factory. Both Lana and Eelan are almost killed but Superman manages to save them both.

Clark and Lana

Clark and Lana say their goodbyes.

A few days later, Clark is reading the paper at the Daily Planet where Luthor is being investigated over the weapons he tried to sell. Lana then appears to him and informs him that she is heading off to Paris to continue her job while also informing him that she has learned her lesson after her ordeal. Clark reveals that he does indeed care about her even saying she is like a sister to him. Lana thanks Clark and tells him that he will find that special someone someday, however they are soon interrupted when Lois calls out to Clark informing him of a new assignment. Lana takes her leave and Clark heads to Lois, but not before Lana tells him he is welcome to visit her anytime.


  • Though he refuses her help in this episode, in "The Late Mr. Kent", Clark calls on Lana for help in maintaining his secret identity.

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Production inconsistencies[]

  • Superman grabs Lana while still covered in molten lead, yet Lana does not suffer any burns and the lead is gone by the time he grabs Eelan.


  • In one scene Superman risks his life to save a deer. This is the first time he's been shown to take such a risk for a creature other than a human.
  • After Superman rescues Lana at the fashion show, she utters the phrase "Thanks to Superman", a phrase used at the end of most of the Fleischer Studios and Famous Studios Superman animated shorts.
  • Lana Lang refers to Big Susan as an "Amazon," which appears to be a mythology gag.


Actor Role
Tim Daly Superman/Clark Kent
Dana Delany Lois Lane
Clancy Brown Lex Luthor
Lisa Edelstein Mercy Graves
Joely Fisher Lana Lang
Larry Drake Mr. Eelan
Lauri Fraser Lizzie
Valri Bromfield Big Susan
Lee Magnuson Terrorist


Lois Lane: Look at that. Tuh! The only thing holding that dress up is faith.

Clark Kent: "L.L."? Lana Lang?
Lois: Don't tell me you know her?
Clark: We used to date.
Lois: Get out!
Clark: In high school.
Lois: She's certainly come up in the world since then. (Clark gives her a look)... From Smallville, I mean.

Lana: Put me down, you fashion-disabled amazon!

(Lizzie and Big Susan empty their guns at Superman, without effect.)
Superman: Maybe you ladies haven't heard about me.
Big Susan: Yeah, we heard... (throws Lana out of the elevator) You like to save people!

Lana: (When trying to convince Superman to team up against Lex.) Don't forget you still have me.
Clark: Oh no I don't. It's too dangerous.
Lana: But we make such a perfect team.
Clark: No!
Lana: I can be your trusty side-kick. Your Dr. Watson. Your Batgirl.
Clark: Definitely not!

Lana: Where's Mercy?
Mr. Eelan: Sorry. No mercy tonight.

Clark: Lana, you know that I really care about you. You're like...
Lana: Clark Kent, I swear if you say 'I'm like a sister to you,' I'm going back to Lex!
Clark: Sorry, but I know you'll find that special person some day.
Lana: So will you. You deserve it. Someone quiet, understanding, patient...
Lois: Hey Smallville! Get your tail in here, Perry's got an assignment for us.
Lana: Remember, if you ever change your mind about me, feel free to fly on up any time.