"Time to face the music!"

Music Master was one of the members of the Injustice Guild.


Music Master was the first of the Injustice Guild to encounter the Justice League, as he was stealing a priceless Stradivarius from the Music Center. Flash and Green Lantern tried to stop him, but Music Master managed to get away when the Justice Guild intervened.

He informed the rest of the Guild of this new threat, to which Dr. Blizzard proposed to strike big this time. Whoever pulled the biggest heist was to be the one to devise a strategy to defeat the Justice Guild once and for all. They decided to pull thefts based on the four ancient elements; earth, water, air and fire. Music Master went for air: he managed to steal a replica of the Wright Brothers' glider plane. Hawkgirl and Green Guardsman gave chase, but could not stop him without damaging the plane. Despite being successful, Music Master lost to Dr. Blizzard, who had captured Flash and Black Siren.

He and the rest of the Injustice Guild were beaten by the combined force of the Justice League and Justice Guild.


Music Master wielded an accordion from which he could emit high intensity sound waves.


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