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Multigon International was a development company located in Gotham City. In reality, it acted as a front for the terrorist leader Red Claw. The company was publicly controlled by its chairman, Mr. Stern.


One of Multigon's most high-profile projects was the planned construction of a resort. Strangely, the site for its construction was on a seemingly worthless plot of land in the middle of nowhere, of no apparent value to anyone but the mountain lions living there. This drew the ire of Selina Kyle, a wealthy socialite and environmentalist. While publicly putting pressure on the company, she personally investigated its dealings in her double life as Catwoman. She had help on both fronts, namely from Bruce Wayne, who was sympathetic to her outward cause and on her tail as Batman.

Their joint efforts uncovered the true goals behind Multigon: The site for the "resort" was right on top of an abandoned military complex, originally created as a shelter in case of a nuclear attack, now acting as the headquarters of Red Claw's organization. Batman and Catwoman converged on the site, followed by Gotham Police helicopters, thwarting Red Claw's plan to hold Gotham for ransom with a virus. The facility, stockpiled with weapons, was blown up by Batman in order to destroy the virus as it was released.

Stern was apprehended with the rest of Red Claw's henchmen. With its chairman's arrest and the exposure of its ties to Red Claw's network, Multigon International most likely folded.

Background information[]

  • The idea of a remote mountain resort built on top of a secret military bunker designed to withstand a nuclear attack is similar to the real-life resort The Greenbrier in West Virginia, which secretly housed such a bunker intended for US government officials during the Cold War.


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