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"Ms.-Ing In Action" is the twenty-second episode of Gotham Girls and the first episode of Season Three. It first aired on July 16th, 2002. Catwoman is on the run, and Batgirl is right behind her. It's chase, run, jump through the rooftops and streets of Gotham until, finally, Batgirl commandeers a Taxi and orders the driver to catch Catwoman. Suddenly the Taxi skids out of control! The Taxi Driver vanishes into thin air, along with every single Man and boy in Gotham City!


Act one[]

Selma's Keycard

Selma Reesedale produces her key card.

At the Gotham Police Department, a detective approaches the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault, and takes out a keycard. Simultaneously, Catwoman has already found her own way into the vault, but is shocked to see it's been thoroughly ransacked, with weapons and other evidence strewn about the room. As the door opens, the would be cat-burglar turns. As both women stare at each other, stunned, the detective sounds the alarm. She flees the scene. Hissing at the detective, Selina makes her exit.

Batgirl watches Catwoman

Batgirl watches Catwoman escape the Gotham Police Department.

On top a nearby building, Batgirl watches the commotion through a pair of binoculars, but is pulled away by an incoming chasing call from her father, James Gordon, on her cell phone. Picking up the call, Barbara stares back through her binoculars as Catwoman escapes. Turning around, the criminal notices the vigilante and waves. Jumping to the street below, Selina throws a cyclist from his motorbike, and takes off. Still on the phone, Barbara swings to the street as well. As Catwoman narrowly escapes, Barbara gets into a taxi to tail her target.

Act two[]

Batgirl spots HarlIvy

Batgirl spots Harley and Ivy passing by.

Meanwhile, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are on their way to Arkham Asylum. Ivy bemoans the trip, but Harley reminds her that she promised that they'd visit "Mr. J", a promise she had made assuming it would be on an actual visiting day. Still tailing Catwoman, Batgirl finally tells her dad that she needs to get off the phone. Just then, the cab almost loses control as the car comes close to colliding with Harley and Ivy's car. Enraged, the taxi driver yells at the girls to go back to Arkham Asylum. Barbara tells him to change targets, and a new chase begins.

Dora Smithy picks up

Dora Smithy picks up the phone in Gordon's office.

As the cabbie finishes his U-turn, Batgirl returns focus to her call with her father, but there is no longer anybody at the other end. In the comissioner's office at GCPD, a woman picks up the dangling phone line. Identifying herself as Dora, the woman tells Barbara that her dad just disappeared. Batgirl is incredulous until the cab begins to swerve, leading her to realize that the cabby has also vanished.

Act three[]

Badseed jumps

Ivy jumps Badseed into Arkham Asylum.

Arriving at Arkham Asylum, Ivy notes that they're just in time for the male exercise hour, and much to Harley's distress Ivy races straight toward a wall, behind which that recreation is scheduled. Throwing a seed to the ground, Ivy grows a giant plant, and using it's leaf as a ramp, jumps the car over the wall.

Caroline Greenway, Renee Montoya, and Dora Smithy

Caroline Greenway, Renee Montoya, and Dora Smithy stand together in James Gordon's office as Greenway delivers the bad news.

Back on the street, Batgirl barely manages to regain control of the cab just in time to break before running off a cliff. Quickly remembering her own father's disappearance, Barbara picks up the phone to find a new voice on the other line. Realizing she's speaking to Barbara, the woman identifies herself as Acting Commissioner Caroline Greenway, and expresses condolences over the fact her father is "gone".

Harley and Ivy ponder missing men

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ponder the missing men.

In the Arkham courtyard, Harley and Ivy stare in disbelief as they wonder what's happened to all the men. "Puddin' where are you?" Harley cries out as snowflakes begin to fall. At Gotham Police Department, Greenway tells Barbara that all the men in Gotham have disappeared. Unsure how to react, Batgirl closes her eyes and clenches her teeth. At Arkham, Harley catches one of the snowflakes, sadly repeating, "Puddin'...?"

To be continued...

Interactive Segment[]

Gotham Girls 9-11 Memorial

Dedicated to our heroes who lost their lives September 11th, 2001.

Clicking a bat near the beginning reveals a memorial on the cornerstone of the Gotham police department: "Dedicated to our heroes who lost their lives, September 11th, 2001, in the service of the citizens of their beloved city".

Background information[]

Production notes[]

  • This episode was storyboarded by supervisor and character layout artist, Bill Pressing.[1]
  • On Bill Pressing's storyboards, Badseed was originally going to be named "Poison I"
  • According to Bill Pressing's storyboard, Harley and Ivy were meant to be reflected on Batgirl's window as their vehicles passed.

Production inconsistencies[]

  • Despite Bill Pressing storyboarding for the taxi to skid as it enters the intersection, it's animated to go out of control long beforehand.


  • This episode starts a new trend of clickable bat icons appearing at various parts of an episode, cuing the interactive segments for the remainder of the season.

Production Gallery[]


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Jennifer Hale Dora Smithy
Caroline Greenway
Tom Kenny Cab driver

Uncredited appearances[]


Cab Driver: (after being cut off by Poison Ivy) Yeah, that's right, you crazy nut! Go back to Arkham, where ya belong!
Batgirl: (to her dad) Hold on. (to the cab driver) Follow that nut!

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