DC Animated Universe

Mrs. Thomas was a wealthy mining heiress.


Mrs. Thomas' company leveled a 1000-year-old forest to build a strip mine, which earned her the ire of Poison Ivy. She was invited to the Eternal Youth Spa, but quickly found out she walked into a trap. She tried to flee in order to warn authorities, but Ivy caught up with her. When Mrs. Thomas called Ivy evil, Ivy retorted that she did not engage in strip mining, then released an aerosol form of Dematrite which petrified Mrs. Thomas. Ivy then stole Mrs. Thomas' earrings, remarking "You and your kind owe Mother Nature a big debt" and felt it was her place to make them "pay".

Her disappearance became a concern to her friends, who reported it to the Gotham police. Commissioner Gordon told Batman of this, remarking he and his men put Mrs. Thomas' residence "under a microscope and all we got was eyestrain". Batman later searched her home, and found a VHS tape advertising the Eternal Youth Spa identical to one he had received as Bruce Wayne.

According to Maggie Page, all of Poison Ivy's victim's were expected to recover, and Mrs. Thomas presumably was cured.


Batman: The Animated Series