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Mr. Terrific was a member of the Justice League following the Thanagarian invasion.


When J'onn J'onzz took a leave of absence from the League, Mr. Terrific replaced him as Monitor. By common consensus, he was smart enough to do so, and had previously worked with J'ohn on monitor duty. Mr. Terrific successfully coordinated the League during several missions crises, one of which was Wade Eiling's rampage through Metropolis, where he had to call several reserve Leaguers to help Green Arrow, such as Speedy and Crimson Avenger, due to the League being spread thin.

Likewise, when Lex Luthor accidentally exchanged brains with Flash, Mr. Terrific locked down the Watchtower while trying to maintain Luthor, who had been trying to escape the Watchtower. Running amock with Flash's abilites, Luthor incapacitated Leaguers wherever he went, but Mr. Terrific was able to outsmart him by tricking Luthor into knocking himself unconscious, using the artificial gravity.

Mr. Terrific's final known mission was coordinating the League during Darkseid's invasion of Earth, where he sent out an Omega level alert to the entire Justice League. Realizing that the Apokoliptian forces are setting up huge drilling machines designed to dig holes straight through to the Earth's core, Mr. Terrific orders them taken out at all costs, and the League successfully destroys them all.

Powers and abilities

Mr. Terrific is one of the smartest human beings on the planet, a perfect candidate to coordinate and handle the League's resources during worldwide crises.

He is also equipped with "T-Spheres", floating spherical probes that fly around at his command and can be used as weapons or detection devices.

Background information

There have been two Mr. Terrifics in DC Comics; this version is based on the second, Michael Holt.

In the comics continuity, Holt is considered to be the third smartest person on Earth, though who the other two are has never been conclusively specified. After the death of his wife and unborn child, Holt considered killing himself before the Spectre approached him and told him of the original Mr. Terrific, a Golden Age hero, which inspired Holt to become a superhero. His intelligence allows him to absorb information at a phenomenal rate, and thus he has (or qualifies for) advanced degrees in a variety of disciplines, including mathematics, engineering, medicine, computer programming, and rocket science. He also speaks at least five different languages. His inventions have made him a multimillionaire, and he maintains an Olympic-level physique through iron discipline, and is a master of at least five unarmed combat styles.

Mr. Terrific is completely invisible to and undetectable by modern technology. He cannot be captured on camera or recorded on video. This ability is linked to the nanotechnology in his own mask and costume. In addition to his other attributes, Mr. Terrific is also a brilliant inventor and technological genius.

His "T-Spheres" which accept hands-free commands from his electronic face mask, are capable of multiple tasks; surveillance, image projection, security, computer links, and on-board lasers, granting Terrific flight by hovering under his feet, or they can simply fling themselves at targets in order to cause damage.

One unique thing about Mr. Terrific is his prominent atheism, odd not only with his experiences with magic and divine beings such as the Olympians, but also because the Spectre is God's Angel of Vengeance.


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