DC Animated Universe

Mr. Eelan was an employee of Lex Luthor.


Eelan oversaw sales of high tech weaponry to terrorists for Luthor. He arranged a transaction at an old mill outside Metropolis, where he showcased a microbeam weapon which when fired, will overload electrons in objects and destroy them. The meeting was interrupted by Superman, who took out the potential buyers and briefly fought Eelan as well. To make his escape, Eelan shot at a train bridge and made his getaway while Superman saved an oncoming train.

Eelan later abducted Lana Lang and brought her to a LexCorp lead and alloy plant to drown her in lead. Superman arrived and during a fight, several canisters of hot lead were toppled. Eelan nearly fell in one, but managed to hold on to a bar. Superman saved him before the plant exploded.


Superman: The Animated Series