DC Animated Universe

Mr. Deakins was the auction manager.


Deakins was in charge of the Princess Audrey collection. He was proud of the collection, which he had attended for years. His son, Carey Deakins was seeing Ira Billings, the school's psychiatrist. Billings used this connection to gain access to Deakins as Spellbinder.

Spellbinder trapped Deakins in a dreamworld, where he experienced a war in a far-off land, and was determined to get his wounded friend Louie to safety. Batman had a hard time stopping him, as Deakins fought under the idea that his life was in danger. After regaining consciousness, he expresses confusion about Batman's accusation of an accomplice, which alongside it being the second reported incident, also resulted in the Spellbinder case being reopened after it was initially closed due to the official ruling of the previous victim, Chelsea Cunningham, making up the encounter.


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