Morgan Edge is a black market collector.


Morgan Edge owned a private island that wasn´t located at nowhere. He had recently captured the criminal Clayface and siphoned him into biohazard canisters. He became a target of the Secret Society, because Grodd learned that Edge had Clayface captive. Edge attempted to escape of the Secret Society's clutches by disguising himself as a chef, but was foiled when Grodd used his mental powers on him. When the team freed Clayface, Edge was killed by Killer Frost, presumably by being frozen to death. His fate is uncertain.

Background Information

Morgan Edge first appeared in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #133 and was created by Jack Kirby. Morgan Edge was the CEO of Galaxy Communications (a.k.a Galaxy Broadcasting Program) and he was connected to Intergang. In Pre-Crisis, he was a supporting character for Superman and a valuable friend. But in Post-Crisis, Edge became more evil and was genuinely connected to Intergang and Darkseid. Thought he was incarcereated, he eventuallly escaped and became the founder of Superman Revenge Squad.


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