Mophir was the last surviving member of a clan of ancient warriors that swore to guard the Heart of Darkness. Should that crystal ever be touched by someone, its holder would become possessed by the Ophidians, who had sworn revenge against humanity.


When the Heart of Darkness was stolen by the US military, after centuries of seclusion, Mophir set off determined to retrieve it by any means necessary. However, after failing, and due to his odd looks and incoherent ramblings, Mophir was captured by the Justice League and placed in a mental institution. There, he told the Flash everything about the Ophidians and the Heart of Darkness, and how to defeat them.

After the League destroyed the Heart and saved the planet, Mophir was released; with his life's work finished, he settled down in the United States and became a spokesman for Gluxitol energy bars.

Abilities and Equipment

Mophir's crystal

Mophir flashing the trespassers.

Despite his old age, Mophir remained an outstanding fighter; he could even put up a fight against a possessed Wonder Woman. However, he wasn't a match for both Flash and Green Lantern, so he was quickly beaten. Apart from his peak human physique, Mophir carried a sword, which he wielded dexterously, and sported a mystical crystal that could repel the Ophidians back to the Heart of Darkness.

Background information

Mophir made his only appearance in House of Secrets #61 (July–August 1963), and was created by Bob Haney and Lee Elias. He was a tribal sorcerer/high-priest who, while trying to prevent Bruce Gordon from photographing an eclipse, accidentally scratched him with the black diamond. During the fight, Mophir fell off a cliff to his death. This incident also changed Bruce Gordon into Eclipso.


Justice League

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