DC Animated Universe

Montague Kane made a living of revealing the tricks behind magicians.


Kane traveled around the world publishing works on magicians, revealing to the public how the illusions worked. This earned him a fortune, enough to buy an own estate outside Gotham City, and purchase a state-of-the-art luxury aircraft.

Zatanna was aware of Kane's reputation, and was eager to show him a trick she thought even he could not fathom, but she was wrong. Kane not only found out her trick, but also capitalized on it. With cooperation from the Gotham Mint, Zatanna planned to make 10 million dollars disappear and then reappear. Kane's expertise of illusions allowed him to rig the trick so that it would seem the money was there—while it was already stolen, and appearing that Zatanna was the culprit.

With the money, he made a getaway aboard his plane. Batman and Zatanna caught on to him, and after a fight aboard the aircraft, he was delivered to the police and Zatanna was cleared of all charges.


Batman: The Animated Series