Mo, Lar and Cur

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Mo, Lar, and Cur were three henchmen employed by the Joker. All three were large men with great strength, but had no superhuman powers, and seemingly, not much intelligence.


On one ocassion on December 31, they were hired by the Joker to help him to explode a bomb tied to a bell at Gotham Square during the New Year's Eve celebration that year. They were given Joker masks to use while seeing how his boss played the piano, but Batman and Robin appeared on scene and managed to knock unconscious both Mo and Cur, but the Joker himself knocked Batman while Lar subdued Robin. Fortunately, Batman used champagne to damage the machine, causing the bomb to explode before reach the giant clock and crush the Joker, allowing Robin to knock Lar into the public.[1]

A time later, the day of the Joker's seventh anniversary, they helped the Joker and Harley Quinn to ambush news anchorman Jack Ryder and his cameramen at Ace Chemicals during the filming of a documentary based on the Joker's life, and after the Joker pushed Ryder into the chemicals that tranformed him seven years ago, the three goons along Harley gave their qualifications for the Joker's act. When Batman and Robin appeared at the scene to battle Joker and his goons, Mo, Lar and Cur were easily defeated and knocked unconscious as Quinn, but all of them managed to escape after Ryder's apparent death. Wanting to celebrate his boyfriend's "birthday" alone, Harley let them to take the rest of the day off playing pool at the Stacked Deck. However, Ryder, now known as the Creeper, ambushed the trio in order to get information about the Joker's whereabouts. After the Creeper became distracted with Quinn, Mo along Lar and Cur tried to execute Batman and Robin, but they managed to knock them out again.[2]

Background information

The henchmen are named after Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Jerome "Curly" Howard, the comedic trio known as the Three Stooges. They also share each member's personality, habits, and definitive hairstyle, except that Cur's is based on that of Joe Besser an actor who temporarily replaced the original Curly after his departure from the act. Their voices are also very similar to the Three Stooges. Lar's voice, provided by Billy West, is nearly identical to the voice he provided for Stimpy on Ren and Stimpy, as they're both his impression of Larry Fine of the Stooges.

Before the revamp, Knuckles, Vinnie and Kowalski, another trio of mimes-looking brutes, also worked for the Joker. While Knuckles and Vinnie had unique looks, Kowalski shares his looks with Lar, though they sound nothing alike. Mo, Lar, and Cur's builds, costumes, and facial makeup were also used as the model for the Joker's henchmen in the video game Batman: Vengeance.


The New Batman Adventures


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