Mister Miracle, real name Scott Free, is a New God from New Genesis who was the biological son of Highfather he was exchanged with Darkseid's son Orion as part of a diplomatic move to stop a destructive war between the their planets.


Early life

Rather than raise Scott as a son Darkseid left him in the hands of Granny Goodness where he was raised in Goodness' X-Pit. As a young boy he would grow to resent Apokolips' ways and constantly seeked to escape but always get recaptured and tortured by Granny Goodness who ridiculed his hope for a better life, possibly to shape him into a proper Apokoliptian servant. Scott was able to escape from the X-Pit and at some point married Big Barda and escaped to live on Earth and became the superhero and escape artist Mister Miracle. He became friends with a dwarf named Oberion who assited him in his training, and came to view Oberion as a second father.

It seems in later his years at some point he came into contact with his birth world of New Genesis because he was seen helping them confront Darkseid's forces on Earth and seen among various New Genesians.

After Darkseid

When practicing for another stunt Granny Goodness kidnaped Oberion it seemed after Darkseid's apparent death in Twilight Goodness and another of Darkseid's servants Virman Vundabar went to war to take over Apokolips both attempting to legitiamize their rule of the planet by kidnaping Kalibak as a possible heir to the throne. Granny Goodness demanded Scott free Kalibak from the X-Pit since Scott was the only one to escape the pit or she would kill Oberion. Scott and Barda went to the Justice League for help but were rejected by J'onn J'onnz , believing Apokolopis was no threat to other planets if it was in civil war with itself. Flash, however was sympathetic to their problem and went to help them at the X-Pit. During the ordeal Scott, Barda and Flash saved Kalibak and put him in a prison on Earth and had him switched places with J'onn, J'onn used his pychic powers to discover Oberion's whereabouts and sent Flash to save him leaving Granny Goodness and Vundabar still caught in war.

It is unknown if Scott joined the Justice League himself but his wife Barda did become a member in the future.


Scott is the greatest escape artist of three different worlds and has advanced technology to assist him.


In the comic books Scott is the second of three individuals to call himself Mister Miracle.

He recently died with many other New Gods.


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