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The Mirror Master was a minor-league crook from Central City whose criminal exploits were frequently opposed by the Flash.


Upon the occasion of the Flash Museum's dedication, Mirror Master elected to join forces with several other Flash foes to take revenge on the Scarlet Speedster. He lured the Flash into a trap using a hologram of a crying girl. Then, the speedster got himself into Mirror Master's "Disco of Death" trap, but he managed to escape. At the Museum opening, Mirror Master and the other rogues entered via Linda Park's small mirror. Eventually, he tried to escape through one of his mirrors but was trapped in it after a batarang broke the glass into pieces. Then, the mirror's pieces along with the villain were swept into a plastic bag and taken into custody.

Apparently recovering a short time later and escaping custody, Mirror Master joined Grodd's supervillain Legion of Doom.

Abilities and weaponry[]

He made use of a wide variety of advanced mirror-based weapons and gadgets. Some of these devices allowed Mirror Master to create sophisticated holographic projections; others gave him access to a strange 'mirror dimension', through which he could observe or travel to the normal world through any mirror or other highly-reflective surface and laser technology.


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