Mirage, real name Miranda, was a Bang Baby.


When she and her brother stepped into a spill from the Big Bang, Miranda gained the power to create illusions. She was forced by her brother Boom into a life of theft. When Mirage began to question her brother's actions, he would always use their aging grandmother as justification.

After Static saved her life, Miranda explained that her brother was different and needed help. However, she eventually realized that her brother had gone insane from being a bang baby after he broke a promise that no one would get hurt during their final heist. Finally fed up with what her brother had become, she turned on him and helped Static defeat him. As she was taken by child services, she agreed to help Static fool his sister in order to protect his secret identity.

Powers and Abilities

  • Illusion casting: The Big Bang gave Miranda the ability to create powerfully realistic illusions that could fool the senses of any onlooker. However, Mirage's illusions are completely intangible and could not affect the physical world.
  • Levitation: As a side-effect of her main ability, Mirage could also temporarily lift herself off the ground.


Static Shock

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