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"Milo, you're a worse animal than anything I've turned into."
Anthony Romulus[2]

Professor Achilles Milo was an unscrupulous scientist who eventually joined Cadmus. Although some of his work involved splicing, he was not actually a "splicer" himself, as he never engaged in self-experimentation.


Milo gives Roland Daggett a demonstration

Milo demonstrates the effects of his toxin to Daggett.

Milo was a scientist from Gotham City who specialized in biological tampering of animal subjects. He had long been engaging in these illegal practices when he raised the ire of Catwoman, whose cat Isis had been captured. At the time, he was working for Roland Daggett to infect stray animals with a special virus, as well as an antidote which Daggett would then market the medicine, gaining both Daggett and Milo acclaim and money. This drew the attention of Batman as Milo unleashed an infected dog on him. While in the truck that will distribute the cure, Milo claims that Batman wouldn't outrun the infected dog. Daggett advise them to make sure of that and to keep driving far away from Gotham if he did. Batman shut the operation down.[1]

Hired by Romulus[]

Soon after, Milo became involved with splicing for steroidal use. Noted Olympic Champion Anthony Romulus hired Milo to find a way to increase his performance in the Autumn Games. However, the enhancement consequently caused Romulus to change into an uncontrollable werewolf creature that had to be stopped by Batman. Following this, Milo was loaded onto the ambulance. Despite snickering that they had nothing on him, Commissioner Gordon told Milo not to be so sure, and charges against him were prepared.[2]


Years later, he was brought onto Project Cadmus due to his experience with splicing. However, despite access to Kirk Langstrom's notes and his own experience, he was not able to produce a successful, controllable subject after an experiment with a warthog wrecked his lab. After many failures, including a superpowered warthog that destroyed his lab, Amanda Waller reassigned him to a less important position. Enraged by this (even fantasizing shooting down his colleagues), he decided to have his revenge by freeing Doomsday, who had recovered full brain activity. After sharing his troubles with him, Milo struck a bargain that Doomsday would get revenge on Cadmus for the wrongs they had committed and "solve both their problems." However, soon after freeing Doomsday, Milo became afraid as the monster approached him. Doomsday merely declared that Milo's problem was already solved, and the scientist was heard screaming as his head was crushed off screen. After learning that Doomsday was freed, Waller immediately deduced that Milo was responsible and threatened to punish him severely for it, only to be informed of his demise by Doomsday's hands.[3]


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