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Lisa Lorraine was a stand-up comedian turned into Mighty Mom (or Rolling Pin) by the Joker.


Lisa Lorraine was a comedian and actress who served as a judge to the "Laugh-Off" comedy competition. One of its contestants was given the hook for failing to register for the competition. The contestant, actually the Joker in disguise, swore revenge.

One year later, Lorraine's agent set her up with judging the "Laugh-Off" again, but before she could attend it, the Joker surprised her with a visit to her home. He sedated her, and with Mad Hatter's mind control technology, turned her into Mighty Mom.

Whereas Joker used the other judges – Buddy Standler and Harry Loomis simply to ruin their careers, he used Lorraine as muscle when he took over the Laugh-Off. Robin managed to subdue her and remove the mind control patch.

As Mighty Mom, Lisa's personality wasn't that far from her regular behavior, except for a habit of talking like an exaggerated version of a housewife, which had been akin to a sitcom Lorraine starred in where she played a gruff housewife. Under the Hatter's mind control, she had reflexes and agility she did not have in her normal state; she used a broom and eggbeater as weapons. When the patch came off Lisa responded with a slap to Robin's face before reassuring him she was back to normal. All three of the judges were pardoned of their unintentional crimes later on.


  • "Mighty Mom" being based on a TV show as a hard-nosed housewife dealing with an unruly kids and a blue-collar husband was most likely a reference to the sitcom Roseanne.


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