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Micron was a member of the Justice League Unlimited who was able to alter his size to immense and minuscule proportions.


After a rather intense but successful training session, Micron got a distress call from an unknown source about a monorail gone haywire. After saving the only person on board ― its driver ― he tried to prevent the monorail from colliding with another coming in the opposite direction. Micron disengaged the train from its track, and then derailed it. Right when he tried to get out of the plummeting train, the door suddenly closed and a force-field barricaded Micron inside. The train crashed into a building, leaving Micron badly injured. Little did he know that the person responsible for the wreck was Superman, who was under the control of Starro.

Micron was placed in a stasis field, where he slowly recovered.[1] Sometime later, Starro/Superman tried to sabotage the field and finish Micron off. However, this attempt was promptly interrupted by the other Leaguers. A battle ensued, and Micron mustered enough strength to get out of the tank, and snatched Superman with his magnified hand. However, he was still feeble, so Superman easily knocked him unconscious. Micron was then returned to the stasis field, where he most likely recovered in short time.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Micron was capable of shrinking and growing his body to varying degrees, apparently at will. He was also able to fly.

Background information[]

In the Batman Beyond - Season Three (DVD) extras, Bruce Timm stated that Micron was intended to be a futurist counterpart to an original JL member, the Atom. However, Micron bears similarities to both The Atom and Atom-Smasher, seeing as he possesses the powers of both heroes. His costume also looks like an amalgamation of theirs.


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