DC Animated Universe

Michaels was a young scientist who attended the 8th Annual Innovation Awards.


At the 8th Annual Innovation Awards, Michaels presented a new, more aerodynamic jet design as his entry. Unfortunately for him, while Bucky was out controlling Zeta and ruining people's creations in general, he singled Michaels out in particular over an unspecified grudge, claiming that he had it coming. As such, Zeta was forced to take Michaels' place while he was away. After explaining his entry to the judges, "Michaels" decided he needed a liquid to demonstrate the effects his engine would have, grabbing another entry's tub of Advanced Polymer Structures, tearing the container open, and dumping it onto the turbine, splattering the judges and ejecting Michaels from the contest.

How the real Michaels handled this news is unknown.


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