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Michael Vreeland was the fourth husband of Veronica Vreeland. He was secretly one of Poison Ivy's creations.


Michael married Veronica in a lavish ceremony on the Vreeland estate. During the reception, Veronica believed that after four failed marriages, Michael may at last be the charm. Also, at the reception, Veronica introduced Bruce Wayne to Susan; a friend of Michael's.

A few weeks into the new marriage, Veronica discovered a shocking secret about Michael. He was, in fact, a plant-based life form with leaves sprouting out of his chest. In fear, Veronica, fled into a vault secured by lasers. Subsequently, she called Bruce, who was in the middle of his own wedding reception, for help. Bruce arrived to find the mansion on fire and Veronica inside. He was quick to save her and get her to a hospital. Michael met Bruce, claiming to have been out of the house at the time and not knowing anything about the cause of the fire or the meaning behind Veronica's phone call. Bruce excused himself to go on his honeymoon, leaving Batgirl to maintain surveillance.

Michael ran back to Poison Ivy, and showed how his human guise was deteriorating, which forced her to accelerate her plans. She boarded the cruise where Bruce and several other wealthy people were celebrating their marriages. Ivy revealed that Michael, Susan, and their new "spouses" were plant-based lifeforms coated with pheromones. Their purpose was to make the socialites fall in love with them and respond however their human spouse considered perfect, and they could then be disposed of to gain access to their wealth. Ivy's plans were foiled when Batgirl and Robin arrived, saved Bruce, who then donned his costume, and they took on the plant creatures. Robin sprayed Michael with trichloroethane, destroying him completely.

Background information[]

His surname is given as "Vreeland" in the credits, even though he married into the Vreeland family. It may have been possible that when he was created, Poison Ivy never bothered to give him a false history, let alone a surname.


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