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Father Michael Stromwell was the brother of Arnold Stromwell.


Michael is offered candy by Arnold

Young Michael being offered stolen candy from Arnie.

Michael had stronger moral fiber than his brother, who one night at the railroad switchyard offered him some candy he had shoplifted. Michael said what Arnold did was wrong, but Arnold scoffed that Michael ought not be so self-righteous and look to the future, as one day Arnold vowed to "own this city". Tragedy struck immediately afterwards when Michael got caught on the tracks and an accident with an oncoming train resulted in the loss of a leg. Arnold would be haunted by nightmares of the incident well into his adult years.

Unlike his brother, who grew up a mob boss, Michael ended up on the right side of the law, becoming a clergyman. When his brother's empire was under threat of being taken over by Rupert Thorne, Batman recruited Michael to help him in his mission to get Arnie to surrender to the law. Michael privately admitted to Batman he wished if there were one man he would never see again, it was Arnold. Batman felt that no man of the cloth truly gives up on anyone. Michael agreed, and admitted sometimes it is tough to lead others to the right path.

After Arnie's wife Connie and Batman failed, Michael approached his brother and counseled him. Michael recalled the fateful accident by taking him to the same trainyard and pointed how a man makes no profit if he gains the world but loses his soul. He also pointed out what kind of future did Arnold envision now that his marriage failed, his son is lost to drug abuse, and his empire is crumbling, No longer able to lie to himself, Arnold was last seen speaking to Commissioner Gordon about wanting to make a statement. Presumably Stromwell followed through on Batman's demands to terminate his rackets and handed over evidence to the Gotham Police.


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