"In my travels between the myriad paths of infinity, I have seen the first and the last. But what you do here today threatens all. Past. Present. And future."

Metron was a scientist who obtained the ability to travel through time, observing the universe from one end of infinity to the other.


He departed from his role as an observer when Lex Luthor attempted to magically reconstitute Brainiac from the point in space where he and Darkseid had met their ends. Metron tried to warn Luthor that he didn't realize what he was doing, but Luthor went ahead anyway. Sure enough, it was Darkseid that Luthor ended up bringing back to life instead, who then immediately resumed his quest to destroy Superman and obtain the Anti-Life Equation.

Despite having tried to stop him, Metron later agreed to take Luthor to the one thing that could pull Darkseid away from the devastation of Earth: the Anti-Life Equation itself. Metron warned Luthor that a human being may not have the capacity to survive an encounter with the Equation, but Luthor managed to retain his sanity and present the equation to Darkseid.

Background information

In the DC comics, Metron is a New God who is ambivalent towards the war between New Genesis and Apokolips, concerned more with how the universe works than who rules it. Historically, however, he has sided with New Genesis, due to fear of being made an instrument of Darkseid's will, which would hinder his ability to explore the universe.

Among his notable achievements was co-creation of the boom tubes along with Himon, the creator of the Mother Box.


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