Metabrawl was an underground, cage fighting club, run by Roulette. Metabrawl's undisputed champion was former prize fighter, turned Justice League member, Wildcat. Fearing for Wildcat's saftey and knowing he'd be fired from the League if his involvement in the illegal fight club was exposed, Black Canary asked Green Arrow to help her convince him to leave. Wildcat refused, saying fighting was what he did, and the League was forcing him into early retirement. Only after Wildcat seemingly killed Arrow in a Metabrawl cage match did he realize what he'd become and that Canary and Arrow were right. Ted told Roulette he was through with Metabrawl and kept his word even when it was revealed Arrow had tricked him , and was in fact, still alive, albeit badly beaten. As the three heros left, Black Canary use her Canary Cry to destroy the Metabrawl arena.

Roulette tried to recreate Metabrawl, with little success, until she and Lex Luthor came up with the idea for Metabrawl Glamour Slam. With help from Sonar they used the League's comlinks to brainwash all the female Justice League members into fighting one another in Roulette's cage matches. After the fact, the heros would not remeber the fights. Huntress, who had been discharged from the League, discovered what was going on after following Black Canary to one of the matches and seeing her nearly kill Fire. Huntress destroyed Canary's comlink and together, the two were able to defeat Roulette and Sonar, and break the mind control on the other League members, ending Glamour Slam. Metabrawl members

Atomic Skull (left, joined Grodd's Legion of Doom)


Bloodsport (left, joined Grodd's Legion of Doom)

Electrocutioner (left, joined Grodd's Legion of Doom)

Evil Star (left, joined Grodd's Legion of Doom)

Hellgrammite (left, joined Grodd's Legion of Doom)

Tracer (left, joined the Extremists)

Wildcat (quit)

Later members:



Glamor Slam

Black Canary




Wonder Woman


Justice League Unlimited

The Cat and the Canary

Grudge Match

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