Mercy Graves
Mercy (Brave New Metropolis)
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Base: Metropolis
Affiliations: Lex Luthor
Abilities: Martial artist
Weaponry: Gun
Voiced by: Lisa Edelstein

In an alternate universe, Commander Mercy Graves was the right-hand woman of Lex Luthor.


Commander Graves led an attack on a hide-out of the revolutionaries, and was surprised to see Lois Lane among them—a person she thought to be dead. She captured Lois, and brought her before Luthor. He decided that, in order to keep Superman at bay, it'd be best to dispose of Lois. He sent Mercy to kill her in the city.

On their way, they came across Angela Chen, who managed to distract the commander. Lois stole her gun, and before she could react, Angela had bitten her leg. Lois made her getaway.

Lois and Superman met, and Luthor's realm crumbled. In the LexCorp building, Mercy was present when Lois and Superman confronted Luthor. Mercy fought Lois, but ultimately lost when Lois planted a jaw-breaking left hook. Rebels stormed into the room, and poured onto the hated commander.


Superman: The Animated Series