Not to be confused with Mendes.

Mendez was a Verdezan associate of Paxton Powers.


Paxton used Mendez to overthrow his father. Mendez posed as one of many protesters, one who managed to barge his way into the board room. He then told the board of Paxton's pollution. This angered Powers so much his artificial skin began to crack. With Derek Powers exposed as Blight, Paxton could take over all his father's power rather than serve as his puppet.

Mendez hired several other people to fulfill the last stage of Paxton's plan: kill his father. Paxton brokered a deal with Batman, who located Blight for him. There, Mendez' men trapped him. Batman backed out when Paxton revealed his true plan. Mendez proceeded to shoot Batman, but hit Blight's containment net. In the confusion, Batman managed to take out Mendez and his goon with a fire extinguisher.

Still unconscious by the time Blight went into critical overload, Batman dragged him to safety.


Batman Beyond

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