Meg was one of many fans who followed the adventures of Ro and Zeta.


Meg was a self declared "freedom fighter"—but in reality, she was just a hacker. She stole information off the net and made it publicly available. That was exactly what she wanted to do with Zeta.

With her friends Buss and Plug, she intercepted the fugitives and brought them to their community. While Buss kept Ro away, Meg and Plug started their tests on Zeta. Claiming to download information, Meg actually short circuited him. She was surprised that he actually had more to offer in hacking equipment than she thought. Zeta managed to escape, but Meg got him back by threatening to hurt Ro.

She continued downloading information, and tried to retrieve Zeta's CPU. Buss warned her that the NSA had arrived. Using the confusion, Zeta escaped and fried the computer. Zeta and Ro managed to grab Meg's bike. Meg was sure they wouldn't get far as she hadn't recharged it.


The Zeta Project

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