DC Animated Universe

Medusa was a mythological creature serving time in Tartarus.


Medusa spent time with Circe in the Pit of Eternal Torment where she was forced to listen to the latter's constant rantings about revenge against Hippolyta and her ambitions to headline at the Amphitheater.

Medusa was brought to the Earth side of the river Styx by Charon at Themis's request to answer questions about Circe for Batman and Zatanna. For this she earned a 300-year reduction in her sentence and was scheduled to be released from Tartarus in 4010.

Powers and abilities[]

Medusa had the ability to turn people to stone if they gaze directly at her. She was particularly proud of the stone statues at the entrance to the Amphitheater. In order to speak with her face-to-face, Batman and Zatanna donned blindfolds.


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