DC Animated Universe

May was a little girl.


May was at Funseyland with her mother when Mordred's spell transported all adults to another dimension. She was left to wander the transformed amusement park, lonely and scared.

When members of the Justice League tried to steal Mordred's magic amulet while the young tyrant slept, May chose that moment to come behind Batman and ask where her mother was, waking Mordred and alerting him to the heroes' plan.

Later, she interrupted Mordred's attempted execution of the League to again voice her loneliness and desire to be with her mommy. She found no comfort in Mordred's insistence that she didn't need a mother now, but the outburst she triggered in the evil sorcerer gave Batman an idea on how to finally defeat the villain.

After the Justice League defeated Mordred, May was reunited with her mother.


Justice League Unlimited